no hidden fee

Forever Free

Get started quickly

Roll-out a pilot with your top 100 suppliers
Messages: 100,000 per year
Channel: Web, Skype
Skills and Knowledge bases: 2
Human Agents: 0
Content Management: No
Workflow Actions: No
SAP Integration: Yes
no hidden fee


Covers most common AP use cases

Gives you enough Horse Power to eliminate significant help desk calls
Messages: 100,000 per month
Channel: Facebook, Skype, Web, SMS
Skills and Knowledge bases: 10
Human Agents: 5
Content Management: Yes
Workflow actions: Yes
SAP Integration: Yes
no hidden fee

Large Enterprise

For organization with Shared Service Centers

Complete platform to transform all collaboration with your business partners
Messages: 200,000+ per month
Channel: All
Skills and Knowledge bases: Unlimited
Human Agents: Unlimited
Content Management: Yes
Workflows actions: Yes
SAP Integration: Yes