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AI-powered chatbots for your AP Team

Most user interactions with systems are around common repetitive inquiries. Many of them can be automated, making it easy to scale your support for suppliers — without having to hire an army of agents. VIM Bots is a complete solution to build, manage and optimize chatbots for your AP Team processes.

Trainable, digital assistants

Give the bots similar skills that you give to you AP Processors

Continuous monitoring and refinement based on user feedback

Sentiment alerts for human intervention

Real-time analytics to help manage conversations

Agent dashboard for load balancing

The bots can quickly give Invoice status information to your suppliers without requiring them to call your help desk
Invoice Status
Suppliers can collaborate regarding rejected invoices reducing the turn around time and closing the loop in communication
Rejected Invoices
Commonly asked questions about procurement processes can be answered effortlessly by the bots
Procurement FAQs
Supplier can get payment information by chatting with the bot
Payment Notification
Suppliers can request address changes quickly and efficiently
Address changes
Consider SUPER-CHARGING your shared services team
Super-Charged Service Center
Natural Language Understanding

Users can interact with these bots in natural language

Skills Studio

Bots have specific skills with specific privileges to appropriate systems. Skills can be taught

Pre-build integration with VIM and Ariba

With out-of-the-box integration with VIM and SAP, adding the chatbots to your AP VIM application is a breeze

Various channels

Users can interact using various channels including Skype, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Web

Instant 24x7 help

Vendors and users will be able to chat about invoices that are processed through Ariba from different channels including SMS

Add Chat support
to your Ariba Vendors

By providing a virtual help desk that is smart and responsive, delight your internal and external stakeholders without major capital investments.

Any channel




Web channel


Active Conversations

Sentiment Analysis

Human hand-over

Continous retraining

SAP Integration


Continuous data Sync

Access Controls

Near realtime

Engage your Suppliers where they already are

Want to know more about VIM Bots?

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